What we provide for you

Architectural Designs

It incorporates Design movement, from the macro-level (urban outline, scene building design) to the micro-level (development points of interest and furniture). It's not pretty much the physical structure that we see yet the whole air that makes up the climate and gives the structure the selectiveness and its exceptionally unique attributes.

For us, each task is an adventure. By listening to the needs of our customers and customizing our abilities to match these needs, we show the capacity to comprehend and actualize completely the extent of any undertaking. However our trip closes there not. It advances to be a nonstop relationship as one for a lifetime.

Our thoughts and bits of knowledge, outline and specialized learning, drawings and details, administration, coordination, and acquainted choice making; all adjusts an exceptional scope of practical, imaginative, innovative monetary, human, natural, and wellbeing components which goes for giving spearheading answers for any development prerequisite.

Interior Designing

Inner part outline is presently a necessary piece of both private and business properties in India. Here's a novel idea that offers you the chance to tweak your condo focused around your individual style and taste. Our Interior Designing Team offers you these straightforward yet creative thoughts to make your home more matchless whether it is a flat or estate. Topic based inside ornamentations, imaginative lighting thoughts, overall organized verdure, all highlight a flat or manor's gimmicks. We offer an extraordinary inner part outline administration which has presented to us a wave of praise over earlier years. We have a group of experienced and qualified Interior planners and base to actualize inside work with all the respectability of conventional Kerala Architecture with advanced innovation and advancements.

Engineering Works

We give benefits in:

1. preparing general site evaluating and level drawings.
2. preparing inside streets, storm water channels and so forth.
3. sewer & septic framework outline
4. interacting with different merchants of electrical and mechanical supplies for common necessities.
5. working out bills of amounts, readiness skimming of tenders; accepting tenders, and assessment of offers.
6. negotiating with bidders and giving ability in the choice and proposal of builders.

3d Rendering

We offer 3D rendering services at affordable prices. We will help you provide innovative outsourcing solutions. Our skilled team of engineers and architects will join forces with your engineering team to develop advanced design solutions.
We provide eminent quality 3D modeling services which include high level of details comprising of modeling, rendering and texturing. With a combination of wide range of knowledge and experience, our team will creatively demonstrate realistic description of the model which will help you to visualize and conceptualize the model.
Few examples where our 3D rendering services can help you:
1. Residential Buildings
2. Commercial Building
3. Hospitality Projects
4. Landscaping
5. Structure models
6. Architectural Rendering.

2D Drafting Services

Working from an outline, a completely point by point drawing or an idea, we make unimaginably nitty gritty, two-dimensional drawings that are finished with high accuracy. Hello Tech CAD Services change over these to 100% CAD geometry to bring your drawings state-of-the-art with your particular CAD application & CAD models.
Our 2d drafting administrations include:
1. paper duplicates of drawings
2. hand representations
3. hand scrawls
4. photographs
5. raster pictures
Working drawings from Conceptual representations
1. we give you a complete answer for your working drawing needs.
2. you give us one or more suitable idea portrays. You can email PDF, tiff or CAD records or fax/dispatch these theoretical representations to us.
3. the next step is to make working drawings. We should change over them to relatively precise working drawings of the best quality inside a short turnaround time.
Gathering Drawings
1. 2d drafting of mechanical parts and gatherings from preparatory configuration information
2. accurately scaled and proportioned mechanical part creation drawings
3. mechanical gear formats and item establishment drawings
4. mechanical schematics, segments and specifying
5. casting, machining, welding and gathering recreation drawings
Helper sees
1. orthographic and sectional perspectives utilizing expert models
2. all itemized view alongside measurements and symbology
3. different perspectives for mechanical parts like Pressure vessel, Heat exchangers, and so forth.

Structural Design

Structural engineering involves the analysis and design of physical objects (buildings, bridges, equipment supports, towers and walls). Those concentrating on buildings are responsible for the structural performance of a large part of the built environment and are, sometimes, informally referred to as "building engineers". Structural engineers require expertise in strength of materials and in the seismic design of structures covered by earthquake engineering. Architectural Engineers sometimes practice structural as one aspect of their designs; the structural discipline when practiced as a specialty works closely with architects and other engineering specialists.

Project Management

Project Management is managing the Projects on behalf of the client in his total absence so as to finish the Project in a desired time frame, at pre-determined cost and at the best possible quality.

Renovation,Interior and Furnishing of your existing building

Your existing old building can be made new (renovated) with remodeling, interior modifications and furnishings by our experts.

Vasthu Consultancy

We can guide you on Vasthu before developing plan of the house and during construction also. We can also inspect your existing building for Vasthu compliance and suggest suitable modifications to obtain better Vasthu compliance.